Mobile & Computer Radiation
Shortens Your Life!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Sources of Radiation

Radiation is much more than what you think. You get it in the emission of energy waves from many sources.

You have such emissions in the Sun light, nuclear fall outs, and in your favorite telecommunication gadgets.

The cell phones you use, computers, television sets, and Ipods are all sources of such harmful emissions.

The Danger Involved

FM radios, radars, and all the gadgets of telecommunication emit harmful electro magnetic waves which are highly dangerous. HT electricity lines, HT Towers, and Spying Satellites also give out these harmful emissions.

Realize The Dangers

Scientists have discovered that radiation from these gadgets harms your brain, body, and mind. You may even pride yourself that you have one such device, and may not realize the real dangers involved in its usage.

Take for example your cell phone. It has FM radio, photography, video camera, internet, e mail, live movies, TV shows, and much more. It is now a status symbol for you to posses one, and show off your latest model.

Affects Brain & Body

However, well meaning scientists have declared, that cell phone radiation damages your brain and body. It causes irreversible cell damage, and robs your life. It saps your vitality, and causes many diseases including cancer.

That is why many leading Nations have banned the use of cell phones by children. Every cell phone has a miniature computer inside, and an artificial brain, which works under the same principles, just like your human brain.

Irreversible Damage

Your cell phone emits and receives signals. There is an electro magnetic field around each cell phone, which affects you. When its field overlaps your body, it causes irreversible damage to your body cells and brain cells.

Cell phone damage can affect your memory, endocrine secretions, sexual abilities, and your semen. It can cause dementia, depression, and severe neurological diseases, for which there is no remedy in any kind of medicine.

Effective Protection

Radiation affects you daily from your television, wireless, microwaves, FM radios, and computer monitors. It attacks you by electro magnetic waves in the micro wave range. It is an attack by harmful energy emissions.

When such emissions and aggressions attack you, you definitely need a protection. It should save you from their harmful effects. Modern science Bioenergetics has come up with such an effective, scientific protection.

The Remedy

In fact Bioenergetics has come to help you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the aggression. It also offers solutions to counter and ward off its evil effects.

It has built a series of Counter Waves or radiation shields to cancel the effects these emissions. These are protection symbols that counter act their harmful effects. When you wear one, you are no longer affected.

The Counter Wave

Each Counter Wave neutralizes several evil emissions and protects your Brain. It removes the brain confusions caused by these emissions. As a result you brains functions properly and self healing powers are restored.

And you become no longer vulnerable to any disease from these gadgets. The suffered harmful effects are also eliminated by techniques of bioenergetics when you take energy treatment to regain perfect health.

Contact Us For The Counter Wave

Escape From Dangers

I created this site on the evils effects of cell phones and computers to share with you that now an effective protection is available from these dangers. It is a tiny scientific gadget that you can keep in your packet.

It saves you from the dangers of all types of electromagnetic aggressions from the various telecommunication devices. Useful info is added regularly and I request the visitor to visit again to benefit by the new information.

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