Radiation Side Effects
Rob Your Vitality!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Radiation & Vitality

Radiation side effects rob your vitality. You know it if you put in long hours with your computers.

If you work eight to ten hours in front of your computer, you may already suffer these symptoms.

You may have eye strain, neck pain, back pain, and impotence as effects of computer radiation.

Radiation Robs Your Life

The Symptoms

You may also have erectile dysfunction, loss of memory, lack of sharp appetite, sleeplessness, and digestive disorders. Initially you ignore the symptoms for these and take treatment only when they become worse.

Radiation Causes Brain Confusion

Impotence & infertility

Radiation side effects also include reduced sperm count and infertility in women. Many of my new patients with uncured uncured diseases complain of head aches, insomnia, and reduced stamina.

There is a proverb in Tamil which says that even a stone becomes thin, if ants crawl over it continuously. Likewise continuous exposure to computer radiation robs your life and depletes your vitality.

Root Cause disorders

The root cause of radiation-side-effects lie in your exposure to this computer radiation. Your treatment may correct your symptoms, but the fact remains that your treatment has ignored your root causes.

As such, your disorders spring from displacement of energy fields with in your body. These root causes can be determined only by an energy diagnosis. Your diseases can be cured only by an energy treatment.

The Explanation

It may surprise you to know that your body has sixty trillion cells. Each cell is a tiny organism. It can easily be damaged by the action of electromagnetic wave lengths, which interferes with your body.

What happens when you sit before a computer? You are exposed to radiation. Your body considers it as an aggression. It short circuits certain healthy wave lengths in defense to fight the aggression.

Method Of Cure

This defense sets off the radiation side effects. All the organs and functions in the short circuit lines suffer. Illness sets in there. As the aggression continues, the illness becomes a disease.

Unless your body restores these communication lines, you will not recover your health. You must expose the body again to a series of harmonious vibes for it to restore normality and return to health.

Energy Treatment

And that is possible only by Energy Treatment. It removes all radiation side effects with out intake of medicines or injections. These energy disorders are corrected by energy transmissions.

We have treated many cancer patients, who suffered serious sides effects after radiation therapy. All of them have reported excellent relief. Their side effects have vanished and they feel great relief.

The Remedy

Bioenergetics has come out to help you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the evil vibes. It also offers effective solutions to counter their evil effects.

The Counter Wave

It has built a series of Counter Waves or radiation shields to ward off these radiations. These are protection symbols that counter act the side effects of radiation. After you wear it, you are no longer affected.

Each Counter Wave neutralizes several evil vibrations and protects your Brain. It removes the brain confusions caused by these radiations. Hence, your brain functions well and your healing powers are restored.

Escape From Diseases

And you become no longer vulnerable to any disease from radiations. The suffered harmful effects are also eliminated by techniques of bioenergetics when you take energy treatment to regain perfect health.

Protect Yourself

You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these evil radiations.

Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter you can use your computer or cell phone with out fear of losing your health.

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Radiation Side Effects To radiation Robs Your Life!

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