Counter Wave As Radiation
Shield For Computer &
Cell Phone Radiation

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The Counter Wave

A Radiation Shield protects you from Computer Monitor Radiation, I Pod, and Cell Phone Radiation.

It counteracts the evil effects of many types of external radiations at your home, office, & factory.

It acts as a Counter Wave to neutralize the harmful effects of electro communication gadgets.


Modern Science Bioenergetics offers many solutions to neutralize the evil effects of radiations. It diagnoses you, identifies the aggression, and suggests a Counter Wave to offset the evil effects of a radiation.

We have built a series of Counter Waves to ward off these radiations using bioenergetics. You can use them to protect you from cell phone radiation, computer monitor radiation, and your Television Radiations.

Counter Wave 7

Protection Symbol

This Counter Wave is your radiation shield. It is a precious protection symbol. It counter acts the evil effects of any radiation. Each Counter Wave offsets several harmful anti vibrations. When you wear it for a certain number of days, nights, or days and nights, you are not affected any longer.

Protects Your Brain

Each Counter Wave protects your Brain. It removes the brain confusion caused by radiations. As a result, your brain functions properly, it fully restores your self healing powers, and your brain is no longer affected.

The photos you see in this web page are all designs of counter waves. Do not misjudge them as drawings on plain paper. These are powered energy instruments which offset the evil effects of harmful radiations.

Counter Wave 9

The Design

We design your radiation shield drawing from the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Philosophy. We take the Chinese Yi King Symbols to make a Counter Wave. It is a Geometric Pattern of Trigrams and Hexagrams. It has Yin Lines and Yang Lines.

Color Therapy

We add Healing Colors with Therapeutic Frequencies, and vital elements determined by the quantum physics techniques of bioenergetics. We do it by a dialogue with your intelligence with the German Lecher Antenna.

Counter Wave 2

Role Of Intelligence

Your intelligence helps us to design your radiation shield. It tells us if you need a Trigram or a Hexagram. It also tells us if you need a bi color or tricolor. It identifies the No. of your Hexagram. It tells us the colors you need for the short lines and the long lines. It identifies the colors of your Trigrams.

Personal Or Location

Like this your intelligence helps us to design the unique Hexagram that acts as your Counter Wave by a questioning based on valid quantum physics techniques. We get our answers by Lecher Antenna scanning.

We find out if you need to wear the counter Wave on your person or place it in a location in your home, office, or in your factory. It tells us where to keep, how, and for how many days, nights, or days & nights.

Counter Wave 10

The Golden Ratio

We design the latest Counter Wave or radiation shield based on the famous Golden Ratio discovered by Fibonacci. It looks slightly larger than your cell phone Sim Card. We laminate it, examine it for its powers of protection, and courier it to you.

Protective Aura

It envelopes you with a protective aura to counter any kind of harmful radiations. It is particularly effective against any kind of latest cell phone radiation, computer radiation, IPod, Wi Fi, and other radiations.

Counter Wave 7

How Brain Reacts

Your brain has registered all the events in your past life like mass destruction and catastrophes as em wave lengths. Whenever it encounters any new radiation, it measures its wave length, and compares it with its past registry records.

Brain Misinterprets

If it resembles the wave length of a past calamity, it misinterprets it as if the past calamity has returned again. Immediately it starts defending. This cuts your energy reserves which affects other important defenses in your body. This makes you suffer many of your inexplicable diseases.

Counter Wave 9

The Counter Wave

These are the results of the brain confusion or your brain's misinterpretation. It gives you many harmful side effects. It calls for the construction of a counter wave with the special colors on the Yi King hexagram to cancel these confusions.

Prevents Diseases

Your Counter Wave or radiation shield creates an aura of protection. It cancels the wave length of the radiation that was misunderstood by your brain. This prevents any disease triggered by the brain confusion.

Counter Wave 8

How Long & Where

Normally you wear the Counter Wave on your body for two to three weeks. Some times for more days. You pin it to your inner garment at a location on your conception vessel at some point between your groin and chest determined by us through Lecher Antenna scanning as per bioenergetics.

End Of Evil Effects

After this use, you do not become vulnerable to the attacks from those radiations. The already suffered effects are eliminated by techniques of bioenergetics when you take energy treatment to regain perfect health.

Counter Wave 7

Protect Yourself

You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other electronic appliances. Our Radiation shields or counter Waves are effective remedies to correct this disorder. Each counter wave is specifically designed for you and your health conditions. It corrects your disorders.

Everlasting Benefits

Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiation that triggers your diseases. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter, you can use your computers or cell phones with out any fears of losing your health.

Counter Wave 9

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