Cell Phones For Kids
Death Traps To
Hasten Their Deaths

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Dangers Involved

Before you decide to allow cell phones for kids, remember the dangers involved in cell phones.

Cell phone radiation penetrates much deeper into the tender skulls of kids than into adults.

It makes them susceptible to DNA breakage, Genetic Damage, and cancer. It reduces their life span.

Higher Cancer Risks

And once it penetrates your kids' tender heads, it enters their brain and eyes at an absorption rate far greater than it does in adults. What does it mean for your kids? It means that their risks for cancer are far greater.

Before you decide to buy a few cell phones for kids, have a look at the scientific findings of studies on children. The findings were submitted by Dr. Om Gandhi, a highly reputed scientist at the University of Utah.

Scientific Study

It was the year 1996. Dr. Om Gandhi had studied the penetration rates of cell phone radiation into the heads of 5 year old kids, 10 year old kids, and adults. He compared the average specific absorption rates.

All parents who want to gift cell phones for kids must know his findings. He measured the radiation absorbed in milli watts per kilo gram. He showed that kids absorbed more radiation by 3 to 6 times than adults.

Body Part Radiation Absorbed in milli Watt/kg
DetailIn AdultsIn 10 year old KidsIn 5 year old Kids
Eye Fluid
Eye Lens
Connective Tissue

Shocking Differences

The difference in the radiation absorption rates is highly shocking. This puts your kids in that much additional risk to develop cancer and other diseases. Remember this when you think of gifting cell phones to kids.

These big differences in exposure potentially signify serious health risks to kids from radio waves. This risk for kids is far greater than for adults. The kids are much more likely to develop genetic damage and cancer.

Death Traps

Cell phones for kids are death traps which ensnare them and kill them. Kids are more susceptible to genetic damage because the tissues in their brains and limbs are still growing and their cells are rapidly dividing.

Damage to the chromosome or the genetic material in kids' growing cells can result in disruption of cellular functions, cell death, development of tumors, and damage to the immune functions and the nervous systems.

More Susceptible

If you want that your children should die too soon, think about the cell phones for kids. The protective systems that allow for adaptation for environmental aggressions are not yet fully developed in your children.

For example, these protective systems develop and grow until your kid is in his or her early twenties. Therefore, this additional susceptibility of your kid calls for additional protection from cell phone radiation.

Needed Action

That is why we mount a case against cell phones for kids. This increase in susceptibility plus higher penetration of cell phone radiation into their heads, brains, and eyes calls for immediate action to protect your kids.

Next time when your kids press you for cell phones, explain the risks involved and take some time. Do not blindly buy what they want. Even if the schools are quite strict, the discipline must start from your home.

The Counter Wave

You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these evil radiations.

Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiations that trigger reactions in your brain. It cures the brain confusions. Now you can work with your computer or cell phones with less fears of losing health.

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