Radiation Side Effects Result
From Brain Confusion

Kannan M

Affects Your Brain

You know that radiation side effects are caused by em radiation from earth and space.

These side effects are also caused by your home, office, cell phone, and computer monitors.

You are always bombarded by aggressing waves from other electro communication devices.

Radiation Robs Your Life

Brain Defends

These waves interfere and disturb your brain body communications. Sensing the danger your body protests and complains to your brain. And your brain releases defenses against the aggressing radiation.

Brain's Memory

Radiation side effects are caused in one sense by your own body. Your intelligence has blessed your brain with a great memory. In fact your brain has more memory than the most advanced man made computers.

It has memorized every event in your past life as an electro magnetic or em wave length. Suppose you cut your finger while slicing an apple. Your brain memorizes this event as an electromagnetic wave length.

Registers Events

And the next time you slice an apple it warns you. If you do not heed that warning, your brain alerts itself for another cut and more bleeding. It prepares for clotting chemicals and anti bodies for an emergency.

Like this your brain has memorized all past events as em wave lengths. It remembers the events of disease, infections, and catastrophes like floods, earth quakes, accidents, vicious flues, and volcano eruptions.

Cause Of Radiation
Side Effects

The effects of these calamities and how you suffered are in your brain’s registry. When you are exposed to aggressive radiations, your brain checks its registry scanning for similar wave lengths in its past records.

If its wave length matches a catastrophe, it starts protection, spends energy needed for vital functions, and neglects your essential needs.

Brain Confusion

It is actually a brain confusion. It confuses the aggressive radiation with a calamity which occurred in the past. It defends against an imagined aggression. It results in many of your radiation side effects.

It stops your vital energy flows in certain meridians, and defects these energy flows to manage an imagined emergency. It results in starving the energy needs of many of your organs, regions, and body functions.

The Side Effects

It leads to many radiation side effects. It affects your toxin elimination, cellular regeneration, and basic cell formation. It results in endocrine dysfunctions, DNA damage, cellular death, and degenerative diseases.

The Remedy

Bioenergetics has come out to help you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the evil vibes. It also offers effective solutions to counter their evil effects.

The Counter Wave

It has built a series of Counter Waves or radiation shields to ward off these radiations. These are protection symbols that counter act the side effects of radiation. When you wear it, you are no longer affected.

Each Counter Wave neutralizes several anti vibrations and protects your Brain. It removes the brain confusions caused by these radiations. As a result your brains functions and self healing powers are restored.

The Design

The Counter Wave is a Geometric Pattern designed using the Chinese Yi King Symbol, Yin Lines, Yang Lines, Colors with Healing Frequencies, and other parameters determined by the techniques of bioenergetics.

We determine your requirements by a dialogue with your energy body with the Lecher Antenna and design your Counter Wave. Each one of you will need a different counter wave depending on your own needs.

How Long To Wear?

The Counter Wave looks like a tiny Sim Card designed as per the Gold Number of Fibonacci. You have to wear it on you from one week to three months.With in that time it removes all your brain confusions.

And you become no longer vulnerable to any disease from radiations. The suffered harmful effects are also eliminated by techniques of bioenergetics when you take energy treatment to regain perfect health.

Protect Yourself

You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these evil radiations.

Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter you can use your computer or cell phone with out fear of losing your health.

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