Cell Phones And Cancer Links
Proved By Modern Science

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The Law Suit

The connections between cell phones and cancer hit the head lines in 1993 by a court case.

A cell phone victim had filed a law suit for cancer against the cell phone industry in the USA.

It was telecast by CNN’s Larry King Live in an entire show. The news spread wild like forest fire.

Attempts To Prove Safety

It aroused great suspicion in the minds of all the cell phone users. The industry was rocked by the damaging news. It began its attempts to prove that cell phones were safe by proper scientific investigations.

To pick up the lost reputation, they engaged Dr. George Carlo, a public health scientist to head a 25 million dollar research.project on cell phones and cancer. They thought it would ease the public concerns.

Dr. George Carlo

Dr Carlo found that there were not adequate tools for his research. He made his new scientific instruments and began his research. The initial laboratory tests did not prove any harmful results from the cell phones.

As a dedicated scientist, he formed many scientific groups with world famous scientists to participate in the project. One such was the Wireless Technology Research team. They worked from 1993 to 1999.

The Real Motive

The real motive of the cell phone industry was to disprove any links between cell phones and cancer. Dr. Carlo was not aware of this. He did not know that the industry would not welcome any other result.

Conclusive Evidence

At the end of his research on cell phones and cancer, Dr. Carlo had his conclusive evidence that cell phones caused DNA breakage, released micronuclei, disrupted chromosomes, and caused genetic damage.

All his experiments were peer reviewed by expert scientists from many external scientific bodies. The Peer Review Boards tested and retested these experiments and concluded that these were the correct findings.

Reports Discredited

Dr. Carlo made his reports on cell phones and cancer to the industry revealing all the scientific evidence. But the industry did not want to make those findings public for fear of losing the cell phone market.

Therefore, they ignored his research, called him dishonest, and gave him all kinds of troubles in his later life. However, Dr. Carlo gave his reports to the press and the media and made these findings public.

Mounting Evidence

The results of Dr. Carlo's research turned against the interests of the cell phone industry. However, they used their clout to silence the press and the media. They also managed to brainwash the health authorities.

And they refused to devote big funds for any more research. With out funds big research could not be done by independent bodies. Still we hear of fresh evidence in favor of Carlo’s findings from here and there.

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