Radiation Side Effects Cause
Inexplicable Diseases

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Affects Your Energy

To know radiation side effects on your body, you must know how it runs by electromagnetic signals.

It is proved that your brain em signal coordination happens only with proper energy circulation.

This circulation should be proper through out your body. Then only you can enjoy abundant health.

Inhibits Healing

Only when there is proper energy circulation through out your body, it can cure itself in times of illness. This capacity for self healing is inbuilt in you. Radiation inhibits these healing powers and slowly robs your life.

Radiation Causes Brain Confusion

Cause Of Disease

Radiation side effects afflict you when this capacity is impaired. When it happens, you get a disease or degenerative illness. It happens when you are aggressed by radiation from all kinds of external sources.

From the time when you were in your mother’s womb you have been aggressed by radiations from food, water, air, vaccines, medicines, and ambient surroundings. These radiations afflict your self healing powers.

Sources Of Radiation

Radiation side effects aggress you from the earth, outer space, your building, office, and your medicines. You get aggressed through virus infection. You also get aggressed by electromagnetic gadgets.

These electromagnetic gadgets include your cell phone, computer, ipod, wi-fi, cell phone towers, and many kinds of radio waves from space. Your space is filled with millions of cellphone radiations in wave forms.

Cuts Energy Channels

When you are bombarded by radiations, the radiation side effects cut your energy channels, disrupt energy flow in your energy meridians, and deflects the axis of your energy fields away from your body's center.

Your space is filled with millions of telecommunication waves. It is also filled with countless radiations from space satellites. Your internet is a giant computer which radiates to millions of other computers on earth.

EM Radiations

All these are sources of your radiation side effects. These computers exchange information through the internet in the form of signals. These signals are electromagnetic vibrations which affect your brain functions.

Enemy spying satellites continuously photograph all the earth. These spread trillions of signals to get information. You are also aggressed by High Tension Electric Towers and Wires where ever you are on earth.

Inexplicable Diseases

Radiation side effects are caused by leaking electricity from these towers and from the concealed wiring in your office and house. Besides there are thousands of radio channels which surround you by signals.

When such electromagnetic signals surround, invade, and overwhelm your brain, they afflict your brain’s own signals. Your brain is confused. It affects your self healing powers and you get inexplicable diseases.

The Remedy

Bioenergetics has come out to help you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the evil vibes. It also offers effective solutions to counter their evil effects.

The Counter Wave

It has built a series of Counter Waves or radiation shields to ward off these radiations. These are protection symbols that counter act the side effects of radiation. After you wear it, you are no longer affected.

Each Counter Wave neutralizes several evil vibes and protects your Brain. It removes the brain confusions caused by these radiations. As a result, your brain functions well and your healing powers are restored.

Wards Off Dangers

And you become no longer vulnerable to any disease from radiations. The suffered harmful effects are also eliminated by techniques of bioenergetics when you take energy treatment to regain perfect health.

Protect Yourself

You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these evil radiations.

Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter you can use your computer or cell phone with out fear of losing your health.

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