Radiation Health Effects
Remedies & Resources

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Terrorizing Effects

Radiation health effects are terrorizing to most people.

How will you feel if you lost all the hair on your head after a session of radiation treatment?

This is what happens when you undergo radiation therapy or hormone treatments even once.

Affects Hormone Secretions

The hormones injested may be too much or too little. In both cases, it affects the ability of your endocrine glands and hormone secretions. It results in many other serious diseases besides cancer.

Affects Immunity

It makes you lose your natural immunity powers. Many cancer patients completely lose their health after these hormone or radiation treatment sessions. What happens to your health when it kills your immunity?

Your skin shrinks, you lose your teeth, you get persistent fevers, and become most susceptible to all bacterial and virus infections. It makes you lose interest in life. These are not the only radiation health effects.

Quality Health Links

Researches in bioenergetics have made it possible to build gadgets to neutralize computer radiation and cell phone radiation. All the damages suffered by your body can also be corrected by energy treatment.

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